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Farm Friends Deluxe Favor Set

Price: 7.49

Guests will graze, frolic, and prance to get their hooves on our Farms Friends Deluxe favors. Each Farm Friends party favor set includes deluxe barnyard favors, favor box, and crinkle paper.

Farm Deluxe Favor Set

Price: 8.99

Guests will crow with delight when they see our Farm Deluxe party favors. Each Farm party favor set includes barnyard favors, favor box, and crinkle paper.

Cowboy Ultimate Favor Set

Price: 9.99

Add a little yee-ha to your boy's Cowboy party with our Cowboy Ultimate Favor Set! Each set includes Cowboy ultimate favors, a reusable cotton tote bag, and brightly colored crinkle paper.

Farm Ultimate Favor Set

Price: 9.99

If your child loves a good hoedown then he or she will enjoy our Farm Ultimate Favor Set! Each set includes farm ultimate favors, a reusable cotton backpack, and brightly colored crinkle paper.

Barn Favor Box

Price: 2.59

Party guests will flock to our Barn Favor boxes to see what's inside! Our exclusive die-cut barn-shaped favor box is spacious enough to hold a large assortment of farm party favors. Sold individually.

Barnyard Deluxe Favor Set

Price: 7.29

Our Barnyard Deluxe favors are sure to keep your little farmers busy. Each favor set includes one set of barnyard favors, favor box and crinkle paper.

Farm Animals Stickers

Price: 0.29

Our Farm Animal stickers are great for farm and first birthday parties. Each sticker sheet includes 8 adorable farm animals! Price per sticker sheet.

Farm Animals Dress-Up Sticker

Price: 0.69

Everyone will "quack up" when they start to play with our Farm Animal Dress-Up Stickers. Each sticker activity comes with a paper farm animal doll (horse, cow, pig, or chicken) and three funny dress up sticker outfits. Ages 3 and up. Price per barnyard animal activity.

Farm Animal Stamper

Price: 0.89

Your little party animals will love creating arts and crafts with our farm animal stampers. Sold individually, each farm stamp comes in an assortment of colors and styles (cow, pig, chicken, duck, sheep and horse). There's a whole barnyard of fun waiting to "mooove" into your favor bags!

Farm Animals Sticker Book

Price: 1.50

Each Farm Animals Sticker Book includes 4 sheets of barnyard animals and baby animal stickers. Stickers can be repositioned on a farm background. Price per book.

Horse Favor Box

Price: 1.59

Yee ha! Our exclusive horse favor box will have your little cowboy or cowgirl doing the hoe down. It's so spacious you can fill it up with an assortment of farm and horse favor items!

Farm Animals Squirt

Price: 2.39

These soft and squeezable assorted farm animal squirts make great bathtime toys! Comes in an assortment of adorable designs (cow, horse, bunny and pig). They are sold individually and priced per squirt. Ages 3+.

Barnyard Favor Set

Price: 4.79

End your barnyard bash by giving these fun farm favors to all of your party animals. Each set comes with assorted farm party favors, favor bag, crinkle paper and tie.

Farm Friends Favor Set

Price: 4.99

Feathers will fly and tails will wag when your guests receive our fun Farm Friends party favors. Each farm party favor set includes barnyard favors, a favor bag, crinkle paper, and twist tie.

Farm Animals Favor Set

Price: 5.59

Your little barnyard ducklings will quack and chirp for our Farm Animals favor set. Each farm party favor set includes farm animal favors, favor bag, crinkle paper, and twist tie.

Barnyard 1st Birthday Favor Set

Price: 6.29

Whether it makes them moo, crow, or oink, our Barnyard 1st Birthday favors are a great way to end your next farm party. Each favor set includes Barnyard first birthday favors, favor bag, crinkle paper, and twist tie.

Pig Straw

Price: 6.99

Our pink and pudgy pig straws are perfect decoration for your child's farm party! Sold in packages of 12, each pink crazy straw twists and turns in the shape of a pig. Use silly straws as favors, prizes or to add a little fun to the party table.

Barnyard Favor Bag

Price: 3.29

End your child's farm party by "moooving" your guests toward our Barnyard Favor Bags. Large enough to fill with plenty of down on the farm favors, these cellophane pattern-matching treat bags are sold in packs of 20.

Cowboy Pencil

Price: 3.59

Dosido and doodle your way to the ranch with our cowboy pencils. Each package includes 12 red or blue bandana patterned pencils and 12 red or blue cowboy boot erasers. The erasers fit snuggly on top of each pencil. Party guests will love promenading home from your child's cowboy party with these western favors.

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